Monday, November 21, 2016

When It Rains, It Floods

So, here's the literally–headache–inducing events of the moment:

1) Casey, who had surgery to remove tumors/polyps from his ear and started a penicillin-based sub-cutaneous (SQ) antibiotic Saturday, now has a giant irritated thing coming out of his ear canal that wasn't there a few days ago.  I'm going to send Vet #1 an email with attached photo to see what she thinks it is, since I can't afford another visit.

2) Mary, who has been intermittently on prednisolone for severe asthma/"reverse sneezing" attacks, has a roundish kinda–firm something right about where the lymph node by her jaw is.  I suspect it's directly linked to the drug given I've noticed swellings there before, so I'll stop giving it to her again, but then it'll be back to chasing a hyperventilating cat around the house.

3) Juliet has decided that if I don't give her 175mL of her SQ fluids (100 in the afternoon, 75 at night) she'll drink her head off all at once, then go projectile–puke it all over the place.  Like into my mother's laptop, which by an amazing coincidence no longer wants to turn on.

4) I joined my father & stepmother on one of their usual nature hikes.  They do this all of the time without problems.  Me?  I noticed my rib was sore that evening, looked down, noticed what looked like a little bead of blood, went to scrape it off and oh my god it has wiggling legs like a little spider and it won't let go of me get it off get it off get it OFF!   Hopefully the little bastard didn't give me Lyme disease like one did to Amy Tan when she was up here long ago.

5) Today, my mother turned on the washing machine, and five minutes later discovered the ceiling above the living room dripping.  Confusingly enough, using the toilet, sink, or shower in the bathroom immediately above the leak doesn't produce the same result.  It'll be a while before we're ready to have a plumber come in, so I guess it's laundromat & washing–underwear–in–the–sink time for me...assuming I can find a laundromat, considering all of the ones I used to be aware of are gone.

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